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It’s been a long time since I wrote my last article. And a few things happened. 

First of all I was busy studying for my exams at the University and this took quite a long time.  So I didn’t really had time to take some serious photos. I made a few pictures an some rowing trips, but these aren’t that interesting they are more for the memories.

 To the end of summer holiday here in Germany I made a little trip to the Netherlands. There I was able to shoot some pictures I would like to share when they are ready. 

Three weeks ago PD-Pixel.de called me and invited me to a photo-studio. There we tried different setups and took a lot of pictures. And I hope that there are a few great pictures in between. These pictures will show up soon. 

Last week I was on a trip with PD-Pixel. We went one week to Rügen, an island in the Baltic see belonging to Germany. There you find big forests and beautiful chalk cliffs. This trip was only for photographing. So we took a lot of pictures and tried a few different things. 

First of all we did a lot of landscape photos, because obviously the island has a lot of beautiful nature to show. 

We also wanted to try our steel wool photography in combination with water. We tried much things on the beach an in the ocean an I think there are a few great shots to show. 

Another thing the wanted to try was shooting stars. We had a huge telescope and satteld at the beach. Due to the fact we both didn’t really knew how this thing works, we ended up with experimenting and trying to get the right parameters to get a shoot with a clear image. After a few days we got the perfect parameters, but the wind was against us. It was that windy, that every time we tried to take a picture the whole telescope starts shaking and the picture was ruined. 

In our last night we decided to do some lightpaintings in the woods. And created really awesome pictures. 
So this all means that in the future are coming lot’s of different pictures.  

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