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Hallo zusammen.

Heute habe ich mal ein kleines Review für euch.

Ich habe die Gelegenheit bekommen ein Wandbild von Saal-Digital zu testen und habe zu der Gelegenheit natürlich nicht nein gesagt. Also schnell ein Bild ausgewählt und in der übersichtlichen PC Anwendung Format auswählen, das Bild ausrichten und bestellen. Nach dem das alles Reibungslos geklappt hat hieß es warten. 5 Tage nach meiner Bestellung war es dann so weit. Ich konnte das Bild auspacken. Hierzu sollte ich vielleicht nich erwähnen, dass ich einen Leinwanddruck in 30×45 cm gewählt habe.

Schon beim auspacken viel mir die sehr gute Qualität auf. Der Rahmen und das Gewebe fühlen sich Wertig an und auch die Druckqualität lässt nichts zu wünschen übrig. Auch die Farbwiedergabe entspricht genau meiner Vorstellung.


Alles in allem ein super Produkt das ich nur jedem weiter empfehlen kann.





It’s been a long time since I wrote my last article. And a few things happened. 

First of all I was busy studying for my exams at the University and this took quite a long time.  So I didn’t really had time to take some serious photos. I made a few pictures an some rowing trips, but these aren’t that interesting they are more for the memories.

 To the end of summer holiday here in Germany I made a little trip to the Netherlands. There I was able to shoot some pictures I would like to share when they are ready. 

Three weeks ago PD-Pixel.de called me and invited me to a photo-studio. There we tried different setups and took a lot of pictures. And I hope that there are a few great pictures in between. These pictures will show up soon. 

Last week I was on a trip with PD-Pixel. We went one week to Rügen, an island in the Baltic see belonging to Germany. There you find big forests and beautiful chalk cliffs. This trip was only for photographing. So we took a lot of pictures and tried a few different things. 

First of all we did a lot of landscape photos, because obviously the island has a lot of beautiful nature to show. 

We also wanted to try our steel wool photography in combination with water. We tried much things on the beach an in the ocean an I think there are a few great shots to show. 

Another thing the wanted to try was shooting stars. We had a huge telescope and satteld at the beach. Due to the fact we both didn’t really knew how this thing works, we ended up with experimenting and trying to get the right parameters to get a shoot with a clear image. After a few days we got the perfect parameters, but the wind was against us. It was that windy, that every time we tried to take a picture the whole telescope starts shaking and the picture was ruined. 

In our last night we decided to do some lightpaintings in the woods. And created really awesome pictures. 
So this all means that in the future are coming lot’s of different pictures.  


Zoom Erlebnis

Last weekend my family and me went to the Zoom Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen. This is a Zoo so I decided to take a telezoom and my camera with me to take some animal photos. Because I don’t own an telezoom lens I rent it from my friend, PD-Pixel.
It was a Canon 55-250mm f/3.5-5.6. It was a quite bright Day so I shoot with an ISO of 400 to 800. If I went lower my shutterspeed was to slow to freeze the fast moving animals.
At the end of the day I think I have done some pretty shoots.
You can see the pictures on my upcoming Gallery.


Shooting the event

Like I told you on friday, I was able to shoot a video of a liveband and now I’ll tell you what was happening.

First of all not everything works like you have planed before. My first plan to record every Instrument independently was thrown away really quickly after I recognized that the Mixer only had 6 mic inputs, but I had to use 11 to get everything hooked up. So we ended up only using 5 microphones. Two for singing two for the guitars and one for the Kickdrum. These were hooked up to the Mixer and then to the speakers. Since I had two mics left, I used them in the back of the room with my audiointerface to record the whole gig in a stereo format.

My camera setup was very simple. The 7D with a 14mm wideangle lens in the back of the room in a very high position to get the whole „stage“ and all the musicians. And my 100D with a 24-70mm on a shoulderrig to get some moving shoots and picking out some musicians independently. On the Rig I filmed on 24mm most of the time. Both cameras were set to an aperture of 2.8 to get the maximum out of the low light situation and both ran on an ISO of 800 to get less noise since Canon isn’t doing it’s best at high ISO on these cameras.

The lighting was nearly nothing. We had one spot and two LED pars. This isn’t much but it was enough for this situation.

So I shoot in this setting for round about 45 minutes and now the whole post process is beginning. I looked thrugh the videos and listened to the audio to see that everything is there. The next step is editing but about that I will write in another article.


Getting ready for filming

So I was asked to film a live event for a band called Taera. I did a photoshoot earlier for them, so don’t forget to check out their Facebook.

I decided to go for a two camera setup. I use the Canon 7D with the Samyang 14mm/f2.8 for a total view of the whole stage. Additionally I use my Canon 100D with the Canon 24-70mm/f2.8 L-Lense and a shoulderrig to get some moving shoots.

In film making one part is the video, but the most important is the soundquality especially when filming live music. The Setup for getting the best sound is a AKG drum microphone set for the drums, two Shure SM57 for the guitarrs and some other mics for the bass and the singers. Everything is going into a Mixer and is leveled and than going to my NI Komplete Audio 6 audiointerface an is recorded on a PC.

I’m really excited to see how everything works together and I hope that the result is great and the band is statisfied with it.

I’m posting some making-of Pictures soon.


It arrived


So here ist is. The Samyang 14mm f/2.8. I chose this lens because of its maximum aperture of 2.8 and ist very affordable price. This is a used lens but it is in the best condition. It’s like new. The lens itself ist build very well. It is much heavier than I expected and looks realy durable. Another great thing is that it is fully manual, like I mentiont in the post before. There are no contacts to the camera, no autofocus, not even the aperture is set from the camera. The focusring is very smooth and has a long way top travel. To turn the focus from the nearest to infinity you have to turn it over 180° so you can set focus much more accurate.

In the future you will see many pictures taken by this lens wheter it’s on my 100D or on the 500N.


The new Lens

Hey everybody,
I recently bought a new lense. It’s the Samyang 14mm f/2.8. It is a fully manual lense and really wide angeled, which is perfect for landscapes.
Because I’m on a low budget, due to the fact that I’m a student, I bought a used one on eBay. When you buy used camera parts you always have to check how often it was used.  In this case it wasn’t used much.
So for now it means waiting till the package arrives.

I’ll tell more when I got my hands on it. Can’t wait for it.


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