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About Me

So here is the place where I introduce myself to you.

I am a 19 year old photographer from Germany. I just started photographing this year (2015) and for me this was a great year. I got to a lot of interesting places and did different kinds of work. My intention, why I started photographing, was to capture landscapes. I wanted to get out and see something and trying to capture it on my camera. I am fascinated by being at one place for hours and trying to get the shoot like you imagined is before. Of course I also tried to shoot people, but not only in a studio. I wanted to get special shoots and for those you sometimes have to think out of the box. But at the end there are great picures that speak for them selves.

Recently I got interested in analog photography, so I went out and bought a Canon 500N. I can not wait to get my hands on this in the future. I am also thinking of processing my films by myself but at the moment it is standing in the stars if this is going to happen. But when ist does you get all information on this Blog.


Shooting on Canon 100D and 500N.