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3 Topics You Need to Know

Sleek & Beautiful


Landscapes are my biggest topic. I love being outside an trying to capture the beauty of nature.

Sleek & Beautiful


Shootings are the second topic every photographer has to do. I especially like shootings thought out of the box.

Sleek & Beautiful

Analog Photography

I recently started to shoot with an analog camera an I am really excited to share my first attempts with you


Most Popular of Our Works.

Sleek & Beautiful

Wide Lake

For me the most beautiful picutre I came back home from the Blackforest.

Sleek & Beautiful

Rising sun

Sometimes you have to get up realy early to get the perfect shoot.

Sleek & Beautiful


I like to shoot outside with natural lighting.

Sleek & Beautiful

Is this real?

Lightpaintings are a great way to create pictures, not everybody can do.

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Juli 14, 2017 No Comments


Hallo zusammen. Heute habe ich mal ein kleines Review für euch. Ich habe die Gelegenheit bekommen ein Wandbild von Saal-Digital zu testen und habe zu der Gelegenheit natürlich nicht nein gesagt. Also schnell ein Bild ausgewählt und in der übersichtlichen PC Anwendung Format auswählen, das Bild ausrichten und bestellen. Nach dem das alles Reibungslos geklappt […]

September 12, 2016 No Comments


Soooo…  It’s been a long time since I wrote my last article. And a few things happened.  First of all I was busy studying for my exams at the University and this took quite a long time.  So I didn’t really had time to take some serious photos. I made a few pictures an some […]

Februar 26, 2016 No Comments

Zoom Erlebnis

Last weekend my family and me went to the Zoom Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen. This is a Zoo so I decided to take a telezoom and my camera with me to take some animal photos. Because I don’t own an telezoom lens I rent it from my friend, PD-Pixel. It was a Canon 55-250mm f/3.5-5.6. It was […]